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Adult Amateur Clinic Drawing

Calling All Qualifying Amateurs*!

The CDS 2017 Adult Amateur Clinic welcomes 

Olympian Hilda Gurney

Central California Dates: April 28-30

at Golden Hills Farm in Paso Robles

Qualified Amateurs may enter to win chapter sponsorship to this two day clinic at the Annual Meeting, Dec. 3, in a random drawing at the

Humane Society of Santa Barbara Education Center

5399 Overpass Road-Santa Barbara

6:00 – Socializing

7:00 – Dinner

Bring a dessert or side dish to share

Please RSVP by Monday November 28 to

Laura Kranzler:

*See Standing Rules below to see if you qualify to enter this drawing.

CDS Adult Amateur Clinic Participation 

SBC-CDS adheres to the rules governing participation in the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic as established by our governing body, the California Dressage Society. In addition, application for participation in a chapter drawing for the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic requires that the following provisions be met:

  1. Applicant Eligibility: Applicant must be a current amateurmember of SBC-CDS at the time of the drawing.
  2. Applicant must be an active member who has demonstrated support of the chapter with volunteer work,  hosting of a chapter social or educational event, etc. within the year preceding the drawing. If volunteer work is sole criteria, applicants must have completed a minimum of 4 hours of volunteering at a show or the equivalent time at a chapter event. 
  3. Any member who has been the chapter’s sponsored representative to the AmateurClinicmust wait at least a year before re-applying for the drawing. This restriction does not prevent the individual from making direct, private application to the clinic organizer for an unused clinic slot or, if such a slot is obtained, from entering the chapter drawing the next year.

4.The drawing will be held at the chapter’s annual meeting.

5.Applicant shall submit his or her application at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting, and must be present to win the drawing.

6.The names of one attendee and two alternates will be drawn.

7.Attendee agrees to write an account of his or her clinic experience for publication in the next edition of the chapter newsletter following the clinic.

8.Applicant agrees to write a thank-you note to CDS immediately upon completion of the clinic.

9.Applicant agrees that as a participant in the clinic and a representative of SBC-CDS, he or she is to be receptive to the clinician’s teaching and training methods. Questions are encouraged if instructions are not understood, but resistance to the clinician’s instruction or criticism of the clinician’s methods is inappropriate. Respect for the clinician is also demonstrated by proper turnout and attendance while the clinician is teaching other riders.

2016 Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting


Education Center
5399 Overpass Road-Santa Barbara

6:00 – Socializing
7:00 – Dinner
Main Dishes and Beverages Provided
Please bring a side dish or dessert to share

  • 2016 Santa Barbara Chapter Year-End Awards
  • Silent Auction and Raffle
    Including Amazing Gift Baskets, Dressage Lessons, Specialty Wines, & More!
  • Adult Amateur Clinic Drawing
  • Business Meeting & Election of 2017 Officers
  • 2016 Volunteer Recognition
  • Renew Your Membership
    Don’t forget your checkbook!

Guests are welcome and encouraged!
Please RSVP by Monday, November 28 to
Laura Kranzler

Annual Awards and Annual Meeting

To our members who have shown this year, this is a reminder that you need to submit your scores for yearend awards by Nov 1st. We have had only a few scores submitted to date, and our prizes are always nice.

You can submit your 2 top scores (from 2 different shows) (as per the rules below) to or directly to Marianne Kruidenier at . Please indicate if you are submitting for the schooling or recognized award. You can contact Marianne with any questions or to confirm your scores have been received.

The awards will be presented at the SBC-CDS Annual Meeting on Saturday, Dec. 3 at the Santa Barbara Humane Society.

Cocktails begin at 6:00, Dinner is at 7:00. Details will be coming in the near future.

The Official Rules from our chapter Standing Rules (

SBC-CDS Year-End Award Series

 The SB-CDS Year-End Award Series was developed to encourage chapter members to set riding goals and to reward their achievement in the show ring. To be eligible for SBC-CDS Year-End Awards, a rider must be a member in good standing of SBC-CDS at the time the scores submitted are earned.

For each horse and rider combination, scores must be submitted as described below:

Schooling Awards (Introductory and Training Levels Only):

Two scores must be submitted, from shows held between November 1 of the year preceding the award year and October 31 of the award year. One score may be earned at an SBC-CDS rated schooling show or at any SBC-CDS rated show. The other score may be earned at any other rated or schooling show. Scores earned in Opportunity classes are acceptable for Schooling Awards.

Awards for this category are open to Junior and Amateur competitors only. One award will be given for each level (Introductory, Training).

Recognized Awards (Introductory Level through Grand Prix):

Two scores must be submitted, at least one of which must be earned at an SBC-CDS sponsored, CDS rated show held between November 1 of the year preceding the award year and October 31 of the award year. The other score can be earned at any other CDS rated show held during the same period. Awards for this category will be given for each level and will be awarded in the following divisions: Junior (21 and under), Amateur, Open, and Vintage (open to Amateur riders over 50).  Riders will be considered eligible for the Junior division until the competition year in which they turn 22, and for the Vintage division if they reach the age of 50 at any time during the competition year.

General rules:

A rider and horse combination cannot win both Schooling and Recognized Awards.

The average of the two submitted scores will be used to determine a rider’s standing at any given level.

Rider and horse combinations may compete for Year-End Awards in up to two levels, but they must be adjoining—for example training and first, or second and third, but not first and third.

Rider and horse combinations may only compete in Year-End Awards at any given level for two (2) years, after which time the combination will only be eligible to compete at a higher level.

To be eligible, riders must submit scans of their tests to by November 1 of the award year, to allow for determination of winners before our Annual Meeting.

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